How to verify SQL Server backup files after a backup

verify SQL Server backup
It’s important to verify SQL Server backup files after the backup process is complete. 
Although the process can finish successfully this does not guarantee that the integrity of the data in the backup file is valid. 
This will definitely cause some annoyance when later trying to restore the backup file. 
In order to avoid this unwanted scenario, you should use verification options …

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Best place to backup your data?

best place to backup

There are multiple online solutions where you could store your SQL Server backups, but because there are so many you might not know which one to choose. 
In this article, we will try to go over some of the most popular solutions in order to help you decide what is the best place to backup and store your most important data.

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SQL Server backup to URL (Azure Blob Storage)

SQL Server has a feature that allows you to save a backup immediately to Azure Blob storage, without intermediate storage on a local disk. This speeds up backups and also allows you not to worry about free space on the local disk for temporarily saving backups. The principle of operation SQL Server itself can connect … Read more

How to make a point in time restore – T-SQL

point in time restoreThe point-in-time restore is a feature of SQL Server databases that allows you to recover an exact state of your database that is specific to an exact point in time.

This option is available ever since the logging for this action has been activated (transaction log).

This article is a continuation of a previous article where we demonstrated how to do such a restore using SSMS.

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