Why Transaction Log backups are important

When backing up your SQL Server database, you have the option of taking transaction log backups. These are quick, small backups containing a sequence of all your database’s changes. Transaction log backups are mightily useful for point-in-time recovery.

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Automated Database Backup-and-Restore for SQL Server

As a DBA, you have almost certainly taken a backup from one server for the purposes of restoration on another server. It’s a somewhat tedious and manual process, but most of us are sort of resigned to it and accept it simply as a necessary evil of the DBA role. I mean, it’s not like you can automate the entire process, right? Well, hold that thought …

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SQL Server DB restore from Differential or Transaction log backup to another computer

Restore from Differential or transaction log backup
Restoring a SQL Server database from a Differential or Transaction log backup can’t be simpler when using SqlBak.
All that you have to do is press a few buttons and the restore operation will be complete. Read the article to find out how.

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How to make a point in time restore – T-SQL

point in time restoreThe point-in-time restore is a feature of SQL Server databases that allows you to recover an exact state of your database that is specific to an exact point in time.

This option is available ever since the logging for this action has been activated (transaction log).

This article is a continuation of a previous article where we demonstrated how to do such a restore using SSMS.

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Media errors during backup or restore

media errors during backup or restoreMedia errors during backup or restore operations are quite stressful because usually, these tasks should run smoothly.

But just in case you happen to have one such error, then it would be ready if you would be prepared or have a bit of knowledge about these errors before you see them.

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