Backup, monitor and restore SQL Server databases from the web

  • Schedule and restore sql backup from any web browser on any device
  • Send backups to a folder, FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or Amazon S3
  • Monitor SQL Server performance and receive email alerts
  • Install our app on a SQL Server to connect to it, then manage on the web
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Sql Backup with SqlBak

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Schedule Sql Backups

Through schedule SQL server backups to any of your own storage destinations

Schedule Sql Backups

Monitor SQL Server

The health and performance of your SQL Server is checked every few minutes

Monitor SQL Server

Be Notified

We will send you an email if there is a problem with the backup or the performance of your SQL Server

Be Notified

SQL Server backup & restore using

A start-to-finish walk-trough of creating a SQL Server backup and restoring it back using service.

What's unique about SqlBak?

  • It only requires the installation of a Sql Backup Client on your SQL Server
  • All configurations are done on the web, you do not need a direct access to the SQL server
  • No firewall configuration is required on SQL Server
  • The communication is secure (https) and initiated only from SQL Server to
  • The sql backups could be stored on any of your own backup storages (local/network folder, NAS, External HDD drive, FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or Amazon S3)
  • No setup fees, free for 2 databases, small monthly payments
  • Built in white label (private label) solution for your customers using SQL Server

Why SqlBak is better than SQLBackupAndFTP?

  • SQLBackupAndFTP requires you to login to your SQL Server to manage and restore SQL backups, but SqlBak does it all from the web.
  • If SQLBackupAndFTP service dies - no alerts could be sent, but SqlBak will immediately notify you
  • SqlBak includes SQL Server performance monitoring and alerting
  • SqlBak is vastly superior in managing large number of SQL Servers as it allows you to see them all on a single Dashboard page and update in bulk. SQLBackupAndFTP requires you to login to each individual server.

What can SqlBak do?

  • Backup SQL Server databases installed on unlimited number of remote servers
  • Send backups to a folder, FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or Amazon S3
  • Restore SQL backups
  • Monitor SQL Server health
  • Send email alert notifications on backup success/failure or SQL server outage

Who can benefit from using SqlBak?

  • Database administrators managing multiple SQL Server servers in their company
  • Companies maintaining multiple SQL Server servers of their customers
  • Companies that use SQL Server in their products and need integrated backup
  • POS terminal owners and servicing companies
  • All those who want to maintain their SQL backups remotely

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