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Lee Turbitt
Lee TurbittHCS Remora
“It just works. It tells you when it works and it tells if there is a problem. The restoration process is easy too.”
Marcelo Leães
Marcelo Leães
“I have been using the software for a long time for MySQL and MariaDB database backups and it has always given me the security of a reliable and healthy backup. Now with the centralized service in the cloud, it has greatly facilitated the management and monitoring of backup routines on the servers I use. My sincere congratulations to Pranas.NET for the excellent software.”
Fabio Ghisleni
Fabio Ghisleni
“The SQL Backup platform surprised me with its ease of use and the innovative way it was designed. It's lightweight and it's very fluid. It has immense dynamism with very high security. SQL Backup is essential for my business. I am very satisfied. Congratulations to the entire team!”
Stamatis Tachliabouris
Stamatis Tachliabouris
“What I like most about SqlBak is :
  • It’s very simple to install and maintain.
  • It uses the native backup mechanism of MSSQL Server and It’s very stable and reliable.
  • It has a lot of useful features available for parametrization, like compression, encryption, email notification etc.
  • It has a great Management portal where you can also get detailed statistics.”
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Richard Akakpo
“SqlBak has made it possible for us to backup all our MySQL databases in a single pane of glass and in a secured manner compared to previously when we had back up different databases from different cloud providers and on-prem locations all over the place.”
Michael Kleinpaste
Michael Kleinpaste
“SqlBak is a great product for managing multiple SQL instances from a central location. The features are what we need in this cloud computing era but the quick customer service is really what sets SqlBak apart from their competitors.”
No photo
Sebastian Ariel Sciesa
“SqlBack is a solid and above all reliable tool for the safeguarding of the most important thing for a company, which is its information. I have been using the service for more than 1 year and I have never failed. Thanks”
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Regilio Hermelijn
“I have been in search for a reliable and affordable online SQL database back-up plan for my clients for quite some time. Being a former SQLBackupAndFTP user I realized SqlBak offers just that what I was looking for. Stable, scalable, serious professional support and very friendly to use.”

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How it works
Install an app

Install an app

Install a lightweight app on your Windows or Linux server and connect to your database and SqlBak account. Then forget about it – it will run as a background service.
Schedule a backup job online

Schedule a backup job online

Create a new backup job on Set encryption, compression and notifications. Select any of your cloud storages to send your backups there. Schedule it.

Manage backups on multiple servers

Connect to any number of servers and see all your backups on a single page.
Manage backups on multiple servers
Integrate SqlBak into your product

Integrate SqlBak into your product

Users can check the status of their backups with the REST API and access the options for connecting new servers and setting up new jobs via the command-line interface.

Perform the backups for your customers

The Private Label option is available for our partners. The app, website, emails and backup history will feature your company name and logo exclusively.
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Perform the backups for your customers
Your backups are secure
The backups are protected
Your backups are encrypted and uploaded to your storage directly from your server, bypassing
The credentials are safe
Your database connection credentials are encrypted and stored on your server, not on
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We are the creators of SQLBackupAndFTP - the original SQL Server backup utility with over a million installations since 2008