Privacy Policy

PRANAS.NET, CORP. ("Pranas.NET") located at 33 Mandon Ter, Hawthorne, NJ 07506, United States provides the following product and service ("Service"): SqlBak.

Our Privacy Policy explains what personal information is collected, why, how you can access and update it, how it is used and protected by Pranas.NET, its websites and Services.

What Data Do We Collect?

General Data:

  • Full name, email address, and user's time zone provided during registration
  • Information about interactions with the website, including data collected by Google Analytics and web server logs
  • Data related to transactions through during subscription renewal (payment details are not stored directly by us)

User Computer Information:

  • For Windows backup agents: operating system version and .NET Framework version
  • For Linux backup agents: distribution name and version

Backup Job Data:

  • List of databases and database metadata
  • Credentials for cloud storage (Google Drive, Amazon S3, Azure, B2) or access tokens provided via OAuth authentication
  • Backup encryption password
  • DBMS type and version
  • List of email addresses for notifications
  • Databases connection credentials, excluding passwords. Your database password is never stored on our server even if you provide it on the website.

Additionally, SqlBak offers two services that are disabled by default but can be activated: "server down alerts" and "server health check."

"Server Down Alerts" Service Data (disabled by default):

Server activity: Server startup and shutdown times and installed DBMS on it for sending availability notifications.

"Server Health Check" Service Data (disabled by default):

  • Database file sizes
  • Directory sizes on the local disk

How Do We Collect Your Data?

Your data is collected via various channels:

  • When you register on our website and input information into your profile or during the backup setup process
  • Through the backup agent, which gathers system information and database data
  • Anonymous information about website usage through the Google Analytics service

How Will We Use Your Data?

We use the collected data for:

  • Product functionality: both for the website where backup jobs are configured and the backup agent that performs backups and restores
  • Service improvement: analyzing how users interact with our website and application to optimize the user experience
  • Communication: informing users about updates, security, and offers, as well as for more effective support
  • Error notifications: sending notifications about backup status, potential issues, and server availability.

How Do We Store Your Data?

We implement strict security measures to protect your data:

  • Data storage: All user data is stored in a secure SQL Server database environment.
  • Encryption: We only store password hashes, not the passwords themselves. Credentials for cloud storage and encryption passwords are stored in encrypted form.
  • Advanced technologies are employed to ensure data security at all stages of processing and storage.


When you use our Services, we send you emails. Some of them are a part of the service — like confirmation of password change, notification or service failure, notification of a service change or availability of a new product version, or to reply to or inform you of a support issue. You can not opt out of receiving these messages as they are part of the service. To stop receiving these messages you must discontinue using the service. Others are optional like our new features, blog posts or our promotions (never 3rd party). You may opt-out of receiving such email using the unsubscribe link provided in every such email or via the "Notifications" tab in the "My Account" page.

What are your data protection rights?

You can update or remove your data in the "My Account" section of the service you are using or by contacting support. When you cancel your account, we delete all of the information related to your account. Note that while the information in our live system is deleted right away, for a limited time some of your data may remain in our backups.

We keep data only as long as it is necessary to provide our services. Where possible, we employ mechanisms that allow us to automatically remove data after it is no longer needed to offer our services.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that websites save on your device when you visit a website. They are used to remember information about you and your preferences.

How Do We Use Cookies?

We use cookies for website authentication and for analyzing website usage with Google Analytics to enhance the user experience.

What Types of Cookies Do We Use?

We use cookies solely for authentication and the functioning of the website.

How to Manage Your Cookies

You can configure your browser to block or receive notifications about cookies from all or some websites. However, blocking cookies may affect the functionality of the website.

Privacy policies of other websites

Our privacy policy applies only to our website.


We regularly review our compliance with our Privacy Policy. Please find a separate "PCI compliance" link on this website. We are fully GDPR compliant.

Changes to our privacy policy

Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time. We will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy without your explicit consent. We will post any privacy policy changes on this page and, if the changes are significant, we will notify you by email.

How to contact us

You can contact us by visiting the Contact page or by clicking on the dialogue icon in the bottom right corner of the page.