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Your data is secure with SqlBak

The safety of our customers’ data is always our priority above any of the features we have. We are constantly working on security improvements here at SqlBak. And the only data that is ultimately secure is the data that you never had in the first place. That is why we do not send, nor store your DBMS credentials on sqlbak.com at all. This means that your server login and password will never leave your server. This change will be especially welcomed by organizations whose privacy policy does not allow passing DBMS login and passwords to any third-party websites.

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Why Transaction Log backups are important

When backing up your SQL Server database, you have the option of taking transaction log backups. These are quick, small backups containing a sequence of all your database’s changes. Transaction log backups are mightily useful for point-in-time recovery.

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Should You Back Up Your System Databases?

It goes without saying that as a DBA, one of your most important tasks is to schedule and ensure regular backups of your databases. But by ‘databases’ here, we usually mean your user-created databases. But SQL Server also automatically creates and maintains a number of system databases. So should you also back these up? Well, the answer isn’t a simple yes or no …

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How to export data from a .bak file to Excel

bak_to_excelWere you ever faced with the situation in which you had to extract and export data from a .bak file to Excel (.xls, .xlsx, or .csv format)?

Surely if you have arrived here you are facing this problem and looking for a solution. Well, you have come to the right place. In the article below we will show you how you can achieve this.

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SqlBak update: The New Dashboard

SqlBak’s dashboard has been upgraded to be a more user-intuitive interface, in order to provide the most essential information in just a quick glance as well as make modifications to the job.

It’s still very easy to create backups, to schedule them, to set custom backup destinations, and of course, all of the other features you will need to make sure your backup process is up to the highest standard. Let’s have a look!

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SQL Server Backup Permissions

backup permissionsBackup permissions: This post will take you through the list of backup permissions a user needs to have in order to be allowed to make the most basic backup operation.

We will also explain what are some of the most advanced options for backing up databases and how you can give these privileges as well to some of your most trusted users.

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SQL Server backup report

In this article, you can find a small script that you can use as a small cheat to have access to an on-the-go backup report of your databases.

If you can connect to your database, you can run this query and find out when was the last time your databases were backed up

and when were the last times a Full, Differential, or Transaction Log backup was taken.

But what do you do when you do not have remote access to your databases, but still like to have a quick review of your last successful backups? Well, we’ll cover this too…

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Cannot perform a differential backup because current backup does not exist

cannot perform a differential backupEncountering a  “Cannot perform a differential backup for database, because a current database backup does not exist” error might generate some confusion if you look into your backup log and can see that FULL backups have been successfully created.

This article will try to give you an answer as to why this happens and a solution, that will hopefully be applicable to your situation.

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