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SQL Server Backup Permissions

backup permissionsBackup permissions: This post will take you through the list of backup permissions a user needs to have in order to be allowed to make the most basic backup operation.

We will also explain what are some of the most advanced options for backing up databases and how you can give these privileges as well to some of your most trusted users.

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SQL Server backup report

backup reportIn this article you can find a small script which you can use as a small cheat to have access to a on-the go backup report of your databases.

If you can connect to your database, you can run this query and find out when was the last time your databases were backed up

and when were the last times a FULL, Differential or Transaction Log backup was taken.

But what do you do when you do not have remote access to your databases, but still like to have a quick review of your last successful backups? Well, we’ll cover this too…

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Learn SQL #4: How to write a SQL query (1)

sql querySo, in our previous articles we introduced you to what is SQL, for what it is used, how it stores data in database and tables , and how it is works through commands (SQL query), and how the commands are different based on what SQL type you use.
Now that we have the overview, we are going to dive into writing our first SQL command, which in technical terms is called a query, as you might already know.
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Learn SQL #3 : SQL Commands

SQL Commands Now that we know how SQL works in a database system, it is now time to learn what  sql commands (code) we need to write for specific operations.
As we said in our previous post, SQL gives you complete power over your data. But what does this mean exactly? We have many types of commands which allow you to do different operations with your data.
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