What Data Do We Collect During the Automatic Health Check

Since we have launched a new feature called Automatic Health Check from SqlBak, users might be curious what data do we collect during this process?

When you turn SQL Server Automatic Health Check on, SqlBak begins monitoring your local drive, SQL Connections, and all SQL Server database to check their size and names. All this information helps you to be sure the everything works correctly, and there is no danger to your SQL Server databases.

Local Drive Health Check

During this process, SqlBak monitors your local drive and collects only folders information: their size, and their names. No files or any other information are transferred to our site; it means that we don’t know what kind of user files and their names are stored on the user’s local drive.

As a result, you can only check how much free space you have on your local disk and how much space each folder requires. Please note, on the Health Check  page you will not find folders that are less than 1GB. Also, it is important to know, that folder information is updated only once a day.Local Drive Monitoring

SQL Server Database Health Check

Regarding your SQL Server databases, Automatic Health Check from SqlBak monitors your databases and sends to our server only names of your SQL Server databases and their size. No other information or structure of your SQL Server databases is sent to our server. In contrast to local drive Automatic Health Check, SQL Server database Automatic Health Check is performed every hour, because the data in the databases can change frequently.SQL Server Database Monitoring


During the regular health check, we receive to our server only folder and SQL Server database names and sizes. It means that all your data is secured. With the help of this monitoring feature, you can control your SQL Server databases size and local disk space, and in the event of the lack of free disk space you can quickly find out which folder occupies a lot of space.

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