How to backup MySQL with SqlBak

Starting from SqlBak version 3 you can backup MySQL Server databases. SqlBak supports two ways to connect to your MySQL databases: phpMyAdmin and TCP/IP. Below you can find a step-by-step tutorial on how to backup your MySQL Server database via a TCP/IP connection. To backup MySQL Server databases, SqlBak uses the mysqldump utility. For now, with SqlBak on Windows, only full MySQL backups are available.

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Incremental MySQL Server Backup via Binary Log

Making backups is necessary, but doing this with large databases may involve high server load and using up storage space. And only creating a backup once a day or once a week could lead to losing hours of work. So how can you make backups more often without overloading the server? Incremental backups can help you with this.

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How to backup remote SQL Server database using SqlBak

With the help of SqlBak, you can backup your remote SQL Server databases according to your schedule. A standard BACKUP DATABASE command doesn’t work on a remote SQL Server — only scripts can be generated. If there is a choice between script generation or performing backups in *.bak files, it is always recommended to run the standard BACKUP DATABASE command to get *.bak files. Scripts have some drawbacks: they are larger and do not support differential and transaction log backups. A more detailed explanation about remote backups can be found in the following blog post.

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How to backup and restore Amazon RDS SQL Server

Amazon RDS SQL Server is a cloud database from Amazon. The way RDS SQL Server performs backups is the main difference between this and the classic SQL Server. It offers the following: snapshots, restore point-in-time, Export Data-tier Application and native backup to S3 (instead of native T-SQL BACKUP DATABASE construction).

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How to Copy SQL Server Databases from Windows to Linux

Now that Microsoft has released SQL Server for Linux, even if your main tech stack is tied to a Windows Server you may want to copy the database to another SQL Server located on a Linux computer. This can come in handy, for example, if you wanted to provide developers with a database for testing without buying a Windows Server license. 

There are a few ways to tackle this task. This article examines the following methods to copy the SQL Server database from Windows to Linux:

  2. Generation of T-SQL database script (such as mysqldump)
  3. Creating BACPAC
  4. SqlBak service

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