How to Group Several Notifications into One Email

Using SqlBak you can set email confirmation to get email notifications of successful or failed backup jobs. This is a very important part of your database backup strategy which will keep you informed in case if one of your backups failed.

On the other hand, sometimes notifications can be very annoying especially if you get several consequent errors within a short period of time. That’s why SqlBak has an option to merge several emails into a single one. Continue reading to see how it actually works.

How to Group Several Emails into One

To set up advanced email settings go to the “Dashboard” page and create a new backup job or edit the existing ones.

To tell the server not to send error messages too often, go to the “Send email confirmation” menu, and tick “In case of multiple failure emails, do not send more often than every NN minutes”.

For example, if you choose 30 minutes and your database backup job ends up with an error, in 5 minutes you will get the first notification and all others will be grouped into one email and sent 30 minutes later. The server will not send you emails every 5 minutes, instead the grouped email confirmation (that you receive in 30 minutes) will contain a list of all failed backups for the last half an hour.

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