How to Ignore Offline Databases During Backup

If one of your databases is offline when SqlBak performs scheduled backup you will receive the following error:

Failed to backup <database name> database with "Full" backup type: Database <database name> cannot be opened because it is offline. BACKUP DATABASE is terminating abnormally.

You can avoid this issue with the help of SqlBak’s feature called “Ignore Offline databases“. You can apply this option to any of your databases that might be offline. It means that when the scheduled backup job starts it will ignore offline databases and instead the error message only warning message will be added to the log:

Skipping <database name> database backup. Reason: #[DBMS:11003#0] Database <database name> is Offline..

As shown in the picture below the backup status is “SUCCESS” and the database with the name “SERVER_02” which is offline has been skipped and other databases have been backed up on the folder.

How to Setup the “Ignore Offline Databases” Option.

To set up the “Ignore Offline databases” option open your current backup job settings or create a new one from the “Dashboard” page.

Now in the Backup Settings page go to item 11 “Job options” and tick “Ignore Offline databases”.

Press the “Save & Exit” button to save new changes. Now SqlBak will ignore all offline databases during backups.

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