Restore SQL Server database remotely

Imagine how cool would it be: you are on vacation on a beach when you receive a panicked email from your client telling you he has lost all his data. You take your smartphone, log in to, press “Restore” next to the last backup, and in a few minutes tell the client that his database was restored. This is as close to James Bond as a database administrator could ever get!

Well, it is not a dream anymore. Today we are happy to announce the release of the first in class implementation of remote SQL server database restores using just your browser. No matter where you keep your backups: FTP, Amazon, Dropbox, network drive – SqlBak will restore it automatically.

Please note that the current implementation is limited to Full backups only. If you need to restore Differential and Transaction Log backup, then SqlBak would download these files to your client computer for you, but you would need to restore it the old-fashioned way using SQL Server RESTORE command. SqlBak will have Differential and Transaction Log backup restore later Рin the first part of 2014.

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