How to manage multiple SQL backups in one place

Let’s assume that you have to administer over 100 databases stored on multiple computers. How can you make sure that every backup job is done as scheduled?
It’s really difficult and very inconvenient to check computers one by one. In this case, the best way is to use an online service, such as  SqlBak. With SqlBak, you will be able to manage multiple SQL backups from a single station.

All you need is to download and install a tiny SqlBack App on every computer that you are going to administer. Once you complete installation you will be able to manage multiple SQL backups from the Internet.

In order to start, you need to  sign up on the website and install SqlBak App on the remote server you’re going to manage.

Once installed, go to your dashboard and get a secret key by clicking on “Show secret key” button:Manage multiple SQL backups "Download SqlBak Client"

Copy it and insert into SqlBak App:

Manage multiple SQL backups "Secret Key"

Now you need to connect SqlBak App to your MS SQL Server. This is the only thing that you have to do from the remote computer:

Manage multiple SQL backups "Connect to SQL Server"

Once you’ve installed SqlBak App and connected it to SQL Server from all remote computers that you are going to administer, go to Computers page and look for information related to computers connected to your account:

Manage multiple SQL backups "Computers"

Here is what you’ll see there:

  • Computer Name – name of connected computer, you can name them as you wish
  • Status – indicates whether a computer is available and connected to the SQL Server
  • Monitoring  – you can turn it on or off
  • Jobs – a list of your backup and maintenance jobs related to this computer

Now you can add any scheduled backup or maintenance jobs by clicking “Add new job” link.

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