Give your customers off-the-shelf database backup service
under your own brand!

All they need - is to install your program...

...and then see their backup status on a personal page
at or even

How to Provide SQL Server backups services under your brand

Your clients will never know it is not your service! They will download your company branded version of the desktop application and you will control their backups through dashboard - just as before. There is no extra fee for using a branded version and it is available even on the free version.

1Branded application version

Customized SqlBak app and installer with your company name and logos

2Company Information

Create a Private Label on the "Private Label" page of your account. You can use your own domain like

3Home Page Design

Customize the home page of your private label domain - that is where your users will come to see (read-only) the results of the backups

4Email templates

Users may receive email notifications about backup job success / failure or computer monitoring alerts - you can customize all of these emails for your white label

5Custom CSS

You can customize CSS for your branded site

6Users' dashboard

Users will come to your branded site to see (read-only) the results of the backups - this is their "dashboard" would look like with job results for each of the jobs running on their server

7Backup history

Your users would also be able to see job results history for every job (read-only)

8Read-Only page backup log

And for each backup they are able to see the detailed log (read-only)

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