How to backup a table in SQL Server

Standard SQL Server backup does not support backup of a separate table, but this does not mean that this task cannot be solved in principle. Several tools and tricks allow you to backup a single table with data.

However, please pay attention that the fact that you need to backup an individual table, in some cases, may be a sign that the database is poorly designed. Perhaps the table you want to backup needs to be moved to a separate database. SQL Server supports cross-database queries, and at the SQL query level there is access to tables in other databases.

The main problem with backing up a separate table is that the backup data in the table is not consistent with the rest of the database, which can lead to logical errors in the data or banal foreign key errors.

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Windows Azure SQL Database Backup – TIPS

windows azure SqlBakHaving the possibility to backup your SQL Server databases to Windows’s cloud platform is very convenient, easy, and takes a great weight off your organization’s shoulders but there are a few things that improve this process.

Just by adopting a few good practices in your work with Azure you can improve the entire flow of backing up and restoring your databases.

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Backup SQL Server databases to Windows Azure

There is good news for SQL Server DBAs and also for other users who are interested in backing up their data to safe and reliable cloud storage.

Microsoft has announced a couple of days ago several new ways of backing up and recovering SQL Server databases to their online cloud-based storage platform and infrastructure system, Windows Azure.

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