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SQL Server Backup Encryption: Why and How?

This article will address the issue of backup encryption, why it is important, and the various approaches available. Why Encrypt Backups? Data in a database is typically valuable and a target for hackers. However, this data can be accessed not only by connecting directly to the database but also from a backup file. Therefore, protecting … Read more

SQL Server Backup Monitoring Guide

In this article, various methods of monitoring backups and restores of SQL Server databases will be discussed, including tracking current progress and history. Tracking the status of your initiated backup If you initiate a backup yourself, you can instruct SQL Server to log the progress status by adding the WITH STATS parameter to the BACKUP … Read more

Simple SQL Server Backup Guide for Linux

This simple guide will help you create backups of SQL Server on Linux.

SQL Server backups on Windows and Linux: what’s the difference?

The only noticeable difference is in the graphical tools.

SSMS is the main tool for SQL Server and is only available on Windows. Connecting from Windows to SQL Server on Linux is not always possible due to port security (1433). You will have to use the command line utility sqlcmd and T-SQL commands.

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SqlBak Documentation

Documentation for the SqlBak product is currently under development. We apologize for any inconvenience.

While the documentation is being finalized, you can reach out to us through our support service, and we will strive to respond to your inquiry within a few hours.

Below is a list of articles from our blog where you can find useful materials on using SqlBak:

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How to enable script execution in SqlBak

SqlBak enables the execution of SQL scripts and Windows batch scripts within backup or maintenance jobs. By default, script execution is disabled for security reasons. When attempting to add a script to a job, an error message may appear:

Execution of <script type> is prohibited. To allow script execution, please enable the corresponding option in the SqlBak App security settings.

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Over SSH – Remote MySQL Backup & Dump Transfer

What is SSH

SSH (Secure Shell) is a method of secure data transmission over a network.

Administrators often encounter it when connecting to a Linux server by entering the command ssh userName@hostAddress, which allows them to execute commands on the remote server.

However, it is primarily a protocol, and on top of it, you can not only transmit data but also create SSH tunnels, allowing applications to transfer data over SSH.

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