Backup SQL Database

The easiest way to backup SQL database, is simply use SqlBak. Database failure prevention is one of the largest pains in the daily life of every DBA. Data from databases are modifying day-to-day, bit by bit extending the size of the latter. Naturally, there is no perfect strategy to stop database corruption, but there are a few practical methods that can show you how to get the danger to the minimum.

Backup SQL Database to Prevent Database Corruption

It’s crucial to say some words about Microsoft Corporation. In spite of the fact that SQL Server is 100% Microsoft program, the organization does not supply any means to secure your database, meaning that database protection entirely up to the buyer. It means that you should backup SQL database by yourself.

Under we desire to discuss scenarios that can bring database catastrophe

One of the most well-known situations that can possibly bring database corruption is device failure, like, wrong work of Disk, CPU, or Memory Module.

One other thing that can damage your database is the Antivirus tool. Take note that after your antivirus PC software is set up, all SQL Server Database Files should be excluded from being read by the Antivirus computer software.

The next problem that can certainly probably destroy your database is a desire to save free space on the local disk. Based upon my own practice, many folks stored all SQL Server database files in zip or 7zip files in order to save a few spaces on their devices. In the end, this behavior leads to a database disaster. If you desperately require free space, you might use a third-party tool to create database backups with compression and store them online.

A different important issue that will help you to avoid database disaster is launching the latest updates for SQL Server and Windows. If not it will cause the wrong working of your shift.

Additionally, remember about the problem with energy trouble that might turn to all databases being corrupted.

It’s not an exhaustive checklist of failures that can kill your database. So what shall we do to protect database troubles and decrease the danger? You have to keep in mind that there is no ideal strategy or way that will make sure absolutely prevention for your database. But, the optimal thing that will help you to reduce the risk of the database corruption is to backup SQL database. Database backups are not able to restrict the corruption; nevertheless, they can assist you in restoring the database with minimal failures.

Backup SQL Database

It is good practice to backup SQL database every day to protect data. This leads to a question – How often should I backup SQL database or what backup strategies should I use? Right before answering this question, please think about an additional question – Exactly how much data can you manage to lose? Working as a DBA, I have had many databases to restore, and I can suggest that the more quality backups you have, the less data you will finally lose.

Nowadays there are few ways backup SQL database

Using T-SQL Commands

If you decide to prefer using T-SQL commands, you have to always keep in mind that you need backup SQL database constantly. Even you need to make a plan and completely stick to it. Perhaps, create backups with the help of commands are soothing if the database is not large and grows slowly. However, in some cases, changes in the database are taking place all day and night, so how do you backup SQL database nightly? Of course, to solve this problem, you can discover in the Web scripts for making a schedule for backup SQL database.

Using  SQL Server Management Studio

Using SSMS for backup SQL database is a little bit simpler then perform backups using the help of T-SQL Commands. You no longer need to create T-SQL Commands every time when you are going to perform a backup; it is all that is needed to do several simplified steps. It has to be admitted that you can also make a schedule for the backup SQL database using the help of SSMS, but it will probably take more work from you.

Using SqlBak

In my view, this is the ideal strategy to backup SQL database. All you will need is to make the job for the regular backups and run the application. SqlBak will always backup SQL database according to the plan.

Therefore, if your databases are growing rapidly, and there are lots of changes occurring hourly, it might be greater to choose a “maniacal” backup strategy. Of course, most likely, it will take additional duration to recover your database should be losing, but the percentage of data failure will be minimum.

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