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SqlBak-CLI documentation

Source Section

In the source section in the backup job settings file, the data for a database connection is specified.

	"type": "mssql",

The type of object for which the connection should be established determines the fields that should be completed in this section. The object type is specified in the source_type field. For now, only Microsoft SQL Server can be specified as a data source.


An object type that should be backed up.


  • mssql – Microsoft SQL Server. More information about the settings for SQL Server connection can be found here.

new DBMS types will be added in the future.


Settings for a local SQL Server connection to backup two databases: DataOne and MediaOne:


"source": {
	"type": "mssql",
	"data_source": ".",
	"is_integrated_security": false,
	"trust_server_certificate" : true,
	"user_name": "sa",
	"user_password": "secret-password",
	"backup_items": {
		"items": ["DataOne", "MediaOne"]


There are more examples in the samples section.

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